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IAC Releases Cardiovascular Catheterization Accreditation Program with SCAI, HRS, Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals, and the IAC

News: ASRT - Federal Proposal Would Recognize Radiologist Assistants

News: ASRT Commits $1 Million to Affiliate Societies

News: Clot Busting Nanogel: A Faster, Safer Therapy for Heart Attacks

News: Artificial Model of Heart Ventricle for Studying Cardiac Dis...

News: Medtronic’s HVAD Heart Pump FDA Approved for Less Invasive ...

News: Preview A Sample Of Our Course "Identfying Rhythms"

News: Edwards Lifesciences receives FDA clearance for HemoSphere

News: SCOUT Wire-Free Tissue Localizer Cleared for Soft Tissues

"The History of Angioplasty" Celebrating 40 Years Of Interventional Cardiology

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