What Makes Cath-Web Courses Different?
We Teach Cardiology!

  Instructional Methods
    Text - Descriptions and Easy To Recall Outlines
    Audio - Hear actual hearts sounds and murmurs and Doppler recordings
    Video - Watch clips of actual case studies or How-To's
    Images and Illustrations - Visualize structures, concepts, or items
    Charts and Diagrams - Easy to recall comparisons of data
    Animations - Observe processes in motion
    Interactive Modules - Immerse yourself in stimulating learning activities
    Our course developers are certified in learning methods and instructional design. We strive to provide the best experiences no matter what your most affective personal learning style is.
  Practice Areas in Cardiology
    Signs and Symptoms
    Medical Histories
    Anatomy and Physiology
    EKGs and Electrophysiology
    Cardiac Catheterization
    Nuclear Medicine
    Invasive Interventions
    Surgical Repairs and Palliative Treatments
    Our courses have been developed from actual college classes based on instructional design. As the series levels advance, basic concepts are provided that increase knowledge and understanding of more complex topics in a logical fashion.

Most topics in the upper levels include all of the practice areas in cardiology. We are passionate about our courses because we want you to be the best at being involved in the treatment of cardiac patients!



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